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 Number of controllable axes2 axes 
 Internal reference clock19.6608MHz 
 Pulse rate setting range 0.1 PPS ~ 6,553,500 PPS
 Position pulse setting range -134,217,728 ~ +134,217,727 pulses
 Up/down counter counting range0 ~ 268,435,455 or -134,217,728 ~ +134,217,727 
 Velocity profiles Constant, Trapezoidal and S-Curve velocity profile
 Pulse output options CW/CCW, OUT/DIR
 Mechanical signal input pins (Photo-Coupler) ±LMT, ORG and SD
 Servo Interface I/O pins (Photo-Coupler) Input : ALM and INP Output : RST, C.CLR and SON
 Encoder signal input pins (Photo-Coupler) EA / EB and EZ
 Position change input pin PCS
 Position clear input pin CLR
 Position latch input pin LTC
 Position compare output pin CMP
 PCI Local bus interface 32bit PCI bus, Rev.2.1, 33MHz (Universal board)
Connectors  3 * 68-pin VHDCI-type connector
 3.3V Slot power supply (input) +3.3V DC ±5%, 1050mA Max
 5V Slot power supply (input) +5V DC ±5%, 1050mA Max
 Operation temperature0℃ ~ 50℃
 Storage temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
 Humidity 10% ~ 80% Non Condensing
 Dimension 174.6 (W) mm X 106.7 (L) mm

Software Support

  • 1Window XP(32bit), Window 7 (32bit, 64bit)
  • 2Recommended Programming Environments : VC++,VB, C#,DB, Delphi
  • 3Sample Source and Sample Program
  • 4Customizing API Function

Connector Pin Map

A Port : A-8 Type
C Port : F-1 Type